Last updated December 2021


WONDERWORK and the Traffic Light System


Protecting everyone’s health and safety in a respectful way, is of the utmost importance for WonderWork.

WonderWork principal and owner Gina, is double-vaccinated and is happy to provide certification of this when visiting any client site for face-to-face meetings, presentations or work.

WonderWork will comply with any and all client organisation policies and practices in compliance with New Zealand government health mandates. This includes but is not limited to scanning in, providing vaccination certification, sanitisation and mask-wearing.
WonderWork prefers to work with clients who are also vaccinated and retains the right to refuse to work in a physical location where the status of other staff, contractors, visitors or stakeholders is either unknown, unverified or may pose a health or safety risk to any WonderWork staff, stakeholders or sub-contractors.
Wherever possible, WonderWork will provide an alternative option/s for uninterrupted delivery of services to clients, such as remote-working, web conferencing or other arrangements.

For confidential questions or concerns – please talk to Gina personally.