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Customer, Citizen & Employee Experience

Designing better outcomes for all

Customer/Citizen-centric coaching & consultancy

 HCD training | Senior Leadership strategic sessions

Employee capability-building | Creative problem-solving | Design trouble-shooting 

Yes, I want to design better...

Gina brings such energy to the work that she leads, such tenacity and focus, making sure we are all moving forward together, all in a safe and fun environment; your people will love working with her and wonder what they've been doing in a life before Wonderwork.


Multiple pressures make it difficult to carve out strategic and creative collaboration team time. Outsource the design and facilitation to Wonderwork.


Access Masters-qualified CX and HCD expertise around a model, approach or specific tools you want to use or experiments to undertake. Working together, the advice is tailored for you and built to last.


(Re)Connecting your team to original problem they’re solving, with a clear line of sight to the organisation's wider mission, is critical to setting your priorities and next steps.


Let's get tangible.
Your team with my help, create and agree next steps; whether it's validation, experimentation or implementation.
Turn insights into outcomes.

Citizen & Customer Experience

Journey Mapping   

Actors’ Maps



Strategic Design


Service Blueprints

Concept Design



Insight Generation     

Design Research

Workshop Facilitation

Organisational Design

Employee Experience


Design Sprints

Human-Centred Design Training

Bespoke or off-the-shelf training in Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design, Service Design and/or their component tools (e.g customer journey maps, fast prototyping, empathy interviews). Maybe you’re just ‘design-curious’.  From understanding the jargon to being able to redesign an end-to-end service, I can deliver Masters-qualified, practical training that fits your organisation, customers and you. 



Design Sprints

I can lead your team through a classic design sprint, or one that we can create for your needs. Forget about the buzz words, this is a tried and true process to get tangible outcomes that would otherwise take weeks or months, in 3-5 days. Sprints help teams get from ‘everything’s overwhelming’ to an idea that’s been validated or a prototype. I’ve spent a whole year doing back-to-back design sprints in my Service Design Masters programme in Milan, Italy. And I’ve completed Jake Knapp and AJSmarts’ Masterclass in delivering sprints – just for good measure.


Bespoke Wonder Workshops

Need a one-on-one design strategy session? Maybe a team workshop to clarify priorities that have become hazy over time. Perhaps you need a creative reframing exercise or prioritisation challenge to challenge status-quo thinking or to generate ideas.  I’ve been listening to and designing workshops for teams (including Senior Leadership Teams) for 20 years. What’s holding your team back right now?




I can facilitate your meeting, workshop, retreat or hui where you provide the content.  Welcoming and warm, neutral and objective: my facilitation helps ensure everyone feels comfortable contributing, that you stick to time, and reach your intended destination. 


WonderWork is an approved All-Of-Govt Consultancy Supplier, making procurement fast and easy if you are a New Zealand public sector organisation.
Let's change the world, go on - you know you want to.
Photo courtesy Anna Dean


Kia ora, ciao a tutti, I’m Gina.

I have a Masters in Service Design (Politecnico di Milano) and I’m passionate about sharing the mindset, tools and approaches of Human-Centred Design.

I’m interested in outcomes not buzzwords.
I’m interested in people over processes.

With 25 years’ experience across public and private sector organisations I understand that tangible beats conceptual every day of the week. 

I love tech and digital used for the power of good and humane design.

As well as collaborating with inspiring European practitioners during my study, I was lucky to experience working at IDEO Munich where I could fully immerse myself in designing solutions where human experience, strategy, creativity, research and innovation intersect.

I’ve been the Lead Strategic Designer for National Australia Bank, Melbourne where we re-designed the everyday banking experience for the next 5-10 years.

I’ve worked across the New Zealand public sector for over 15 years in both central and local government.

I have also worked in theatre, media and the arts and am still actively involved in writing and performing.

I get customer. I get citizen. 
I know it can be better. Much better.

I love helping organisations, teams and individuals who are passionate about making great experiences;  do wonderful work.   

“Gina is an outstanding strategic designer who brings a unique outside perspective to prompt conversation around challenging standard pre-conceived notions/concepts.

She is an excellent facilitator and runs creative and engaging workshops fostering ideation.”
Dillon Anderson
Strategy Manager,
National Australia Bank
“A true creative soul, and a strategic thinker, she has an extraordinary ability to navigate the complex ways companies acquire problems and get to the bottom of them in a way that no one else could. As a colleague, her enthusiasm for driving a high standard of work is inspirational and this was evident from the success of a series of workshops she facilitated.

Not only would I recommend Gina to any one, I would also feel a little envious that they get to work with her. She will make good things happen.”
Devon Van Haalen
National Australia Bank
“Gina has been working with us on a project and she has proved herself to be a highly capable service design thinker. Her work has ranged from broad-reaching exploratory ‘what is out there…’ searches to the creation of experience design activities in workshops – and she has nailed both extremes.

If you need deep expertise and a real spark of a thinker, Gina is worth chatting to.”
Martin Grant


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Let’s design better together.

All my services can be delivered in person or remotely.

Images on this page courtesy Tim Mossholder, Bekky Bekks, Jude Beck, Clark Tibbs, Daniel Cheung – all via UnSplash.